I guess the point of permission marketing is to share who you are and give of yourself. I’ve never blogged before and so here goes, this is me.

Its interesting how some things you plan just aren’t meant to be. This morning, for example. I had a meeting scheduled with a local accountant, who was going to attempt to help me learn QuickBooks (good luck). But, she texted me at the last minute she wouldn’t be able to make it because her elderly greyhound had gotten sick (both ends, she tells me) all over her house.  So, I of course replied and said we’d try another time and slapped my snooze again. After a few more minutes of delicious slumber I check email and end up playing a new interview with Seth Godin, the marketing genius…..telling me to start blogging and giving of myself. Some things are just meant to be. I guess I’m going to be blogging and learning to write. So here is me.