Why is insurance so expensive in Florida?

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Somebody has to say it.

Insurance is expensive in Florida. A lot of people have said that. The hurricanes, the floods, the sinkholes. They are reasons insurance has been difficult to get when all of the large carriers are headed out the door. After the big three hurricanes: Charley, Frances and Jeanne in 2004, household names like State Farm, Allstate and Countrywide headed for the hills. Claims threw their bottom lines in the red and insurance companies don’t like that. So what was left after the carnage? Smaller, regional carriers willing to stick here with the folks of Florida. These are the companies that I choose to do business with. They are smaller, better with service and don’t have the red-tape to deal with. Most of them are headquartered in Florida, which means they will be here by our sides if and when disaster strikes. One of my favorites is the Jerger family. They’ve been involved with Florida insurance for over 50 years. Their papa, Richard Jerger Sr. sold his first policy in 1962. Now the family owns American Traditions and Modern USA, both, I’m happy to say my agency proudly represents. Not only do these regional companies stick with us in our area, but they offer reasonable prices as well. If you’d like to be quoted with American Traditions or Modern USA, give me a call at 407-542-8160.

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