How to Guard Against Water Leaks in Florida

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Water Leak Worry: 5 Sources of Water Leaks to Watch Out For

The most common sources of water leaks are the traditional fare: pipe breaks, roof leaks and backed-up toilets.

However, there are other sources of leaks you may not be aware of. These sources can become costly claims if left unattended.

Signs of a Water Leak

You may need a refresher of a few of the signs of a water leak. Pay attention to your walls and ceilings for dark patches or wet marks. You may also notice:

  • The sound of running water when faucets are not on
  • Higher than normal water bill
  • The smell of foul odors from drains, walls, floors or ceilings
  • Growth of mold or mildew
  • Pooling water where it shouldn’t be

Other Lesser-Known Causes of Water Leaks

The following five causes of water leaks can be prevented if you are aware of them and take proper precautions.

Source of Water: Outdoor hoses

Cause: Weak or damaged connections to the hose bib

Fix? In Florida, we use our outdoor spigots year-round. Take a look at the connection at the spigot at inspect for loose connections. If you notice leakage or a poor fit, replace the washer or tighten with a wrench and pipe tape to ensure no leakage. You may want to call a professional for more difficult fixes.

Source of Water: Dishwasher

Cause: If water is pooling or the door isn’t shut tight or correctly

Fix? Your dishwasher door can be fixed by replacing the gasket. You also need to pay attention to the hose connection and using the correct dishwasher detergent. If you can’t seem to correct the issue, call the maintenance man!

Source of Water: Refrigerator

Cause: A copper pipe brings in water to fill your ice-maker. Sometimes this pipe may have a leak, causing water to pool in the area. The fridge may also have a clogged pipe or drain. If the appliance is kept in a warm area such as a garage or outdoor porch, it may cause the fridge to overwork and form excess condensation.

Fix? Tighten any loose connections by hand or with a wrench. Consider moving the appliance indoors and if you think there is a clog, pour in a mixture of mild ammonia and soapy water, followed by water to flush. If the issue isn’t resolved, call your appliance professional.

Source of Water: HVAC or Air Conditioner

Cause: Ice accumulation in the interior of the unit, backed-up drainage pipe or faulty installation

Fix? Florida residents need to take very good care of their AC’s. It’s a necessity in the summer months! Always change your filter every 4-8 weeks in the summer when your AC is working so hard. Also, make sure your drainage line is clean and clear of clogs. A good practice is pouring about a half cup of white vinegar down the drainage pipe when you change the filter. If you notice your AC isn’t working correctly, call a specialist.

Source of Water: Clothes Washing Machine

Cause: Washing machine hoses can break or leak, causing water to pool. The gasket in the side-loading machines can also go bad and cause damage to walls and flooring.

Fix? Hoses should be replaced every five years. If you notice leaking from the front gasket, call a professional to get help.

We can get you protection against water intrusion!

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